Am I Illiterate or Does That Say PostgreSQL 8.2?

Filed under: Open Source GIS — geoLibro @ 8:49 pm

Nowhere else is there an indication of support for PostgreSQL as the real back end of ArcSDE (except for the perpetual conversations taking place in ESRI forums), but…doesn’t this suggest that it might be in the works? Am I stupid for thinking such things?

(Here’s a screencap in case it turns out to be some prank):
PostgreSQL behind ArcSDE



  1. Good eye! PostgreSQL support is due at the 9.3 release though (at least that is what was announced at the Developer Summit).

    Comment by James Fee — 2007.May.18 @ 11:17 pm

  2. I was hoping one of you guys in the know would say that. I remember hearing that Postgres support would be “evaluated,” but I’m still pretty surprised it has come to this. What’s next: direct-read of OpenDocument spreadsheets?

    Comment by geoLibro — 2007.May.18 @ 11:23 pm

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