Somewhere Here (Update)

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Updating the BBC story about a map-addressed letter. entchevdotcom is testing if the USPS can call Bude, UK’s postal prowess by sending a letter to a location rather than an address. Moreover, Ubikcan offers a little history of this trend.



Update on ArcGIS on OS X

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I think I’ve mentioned before that Parallels’ “Cohesion” is nearly priceless. I’m on build 3106 and its speed is really pretty good. It’s a little peculiar that the speed of the XP OS within Parallels is often much better than working with the Parallels .app itself. Anyway, I should report that last night Parallels crashed very suddenly, with nothing to report about why. Just instantly shut down. And right now ArcMap was drawing a pretty simple polygon layer and then just stopped, froze. The Parallels .app is still responding, but ArcMap (actually, entire Windows OS) isn’t and the “Send keys” option doesn’t do anything.

In better news, I managed to get the personal version of ArcSDE (inc. SQL Server Express) onto Parallels’ XP and somehow it was easier than doing it on my desktop. Permissions problems, I guess.


Somewhere Here

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I love this, love this:
The BBC is reporting a story about a letter that was addressed with nothing but a map and delivered as such. Article here.
somewhere here
This story renews my desire to compile user-built, hand-drawn, fake, or otherwise alternative. I intend to call the collection “Punk Maps.” Maybe I should copyright that right now. Anyway, I just came across a book that may have done this, already, anyway. I’m sure there are others (feel free to submit).

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