It’s True and It’s Awesome (ArcGIS on OS X).

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Mostly. Quickly, I have to register this news about my new ability to run ArcGIS 9.2 from within my nice, easy, powerful, beautiful OS X. The Intel Macs can do it either through Boot Camp (maybe this weekend) or via Parallels. The Parallels version now offers (in beta) an operating mode called “Cohesion” that makes it seem very much like you’re running OS X and XP apps (ArcGIS 9.2, though, which is another story) right next to each other. It works and it’s fast.


Edit for the coolest part yet (Cohesion works with Expose):




  1. Keep posting-just bought a Pro Mac Laptop (17″ screen). First Mac and takes a little adjusting to way it’s setup. I am installing boot camp or parallels (“Cohesion”). Wish to run ArcGis 9.2. Thanks for info.


    Comment by John Webb — 2006.December.9 @ 11:24 am

  2. John, congratulations on that laptop. I’ve edited this post to include a picture of the best part yet: Parallels’ Cohesion makes it so Expose (how the f*&%^ do people live without Expose?) tiles ArcGIS windows just like the rest. This is especially useful for GIS work, since there’s so much clicking and so many windows hanging around already.

    Comment by geoLibro — 2006.December.11 @ 3:36 pm

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