Worse Again, but ArcGIS Explorer is Out

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Eeeegh [pulls on collar]. It got pretty bad again…
Anyway, 9.2 arrives and my IT guys suddenly can’t find server space for us to mount .iso images of the discs I want to put up for authenticated download. I think they’re all busy with a little thing called MetaLib that they’re trying to get up before mid-December or something wild like that. So I’ve been duplicating discs and making my own .iso files and none of it is fun or efficient or novel like it was supposed to be.

I’m otherwise knee-deep in data preparation and grant preparation and a number of other project-planning activities and this blog gets bumped every time. But there is news to report:

ArcGIS Explorer is out. Download link is here.

I got a MacBook Pro from the North Michigan Av. Apple Store and it kicks. Very fast, remarkably smooth display. I’ll be attempting the Parallells/ArcGIS combination sometime this week if I can crawl out from the hole I’m in.

And finally: 9.2’s Batch… does work, but it takes about a day to run a very simple process on ~250 files. Not. Cool. I have a ticket in for ESRI about it, but I think the problem is that when you give the input table your list of files to be processed and corresponding list of output paths, it runs a very, very, very, very long check on whether those inputs are valid. I’d rather they be invalid and the process to choke than sit around waiting for this verification. It’s grueling. If anybody knows more about this, I would love to know.


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