3007 Unread Articles

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Yikes. It’s really come to this:

Ordinarily I can knock off scanning and reading my RSS articles by midnight or so. The last few days, however, represent the tail end of a couple of weeks that were mad. And so it was that earlier today, as I sat with a future viticulturalist watching that pompous, presumptuous Excel “fix” her mean temperature values and lat/long pairs, my unread RSS article count climbed up over 3000. I was behind in a grand fashion.

Well, first of all let me come clean: I don’t read non-RSS news, blogs, or websites. Not even my wife’s, which I’m relieved to say does have a feed available. Why? Because everything except RSS is a waste of my time, that’s why. I spend plenty of time online, and I most certainly don’t need to see that generic “old classmate” with the curled-under bob and comically-oversized eyeglasses every again. It doesn’t help my work. I need to see information. So it’s RSS or the skunk-eye, and that might mean I have too many feeds coming in. It’s only 255 (that doesn’t seem like too many to me), but apparently they generate a decent amount of traffic.

But 3007 unread messages? The reasons include many email and office visits with grad students whose class I visited over a week ago; my first ever trip to Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University; a long time slogging through mostly-undocumented EPA emissions data (maybe the closure of all those libraries caused this?); and the fact that I’m flooded with excellent, engaging, even fascinating GIS/Library work, some of which will show up in this blog sometime soon. Good reasons, but it will make a chump unable to even scan the 3007 RSS articles that pile up while he works morning to night.


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