Wow, That Did Not Take Long

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Not 12 hours after I first heard that ArcGIS Explorer has been released comes the first (of many, no doubt) instance wherein somebody chooses Google Earth over Explorer because of GE’s name recognition. They even chose to limit functionality in favor of the easy factor GE provides. And I don’t blame them. ESRI and ArcGIS Explorer have a big hill to climb, I’m afraid.


Worse Again, but ArcGIS Explorer is Out

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Eeeegh [pulls on collar]. It got pretty bad again…
Anyway, 9.2 arrives and my IT guys suddenly can’t find server space for us to mount .iso images of the discs I want to put up for authenticated download. I think they’re all busy with a little thing called MetaLib that they’re trying to get up before mid-December or something wild like that. So I’ve been duplicating discs and making my own .iso files and none of it is fun or efficient or novel like it was supposed to be.

I’m otherwise knee-deep in data preparation and grant preparation and a number of other project-planning activities and this blog gets bumped every time. But there is news to report:

ArcGIS Explorer is out. Download link is here.

I got a MacBook Pro from the North Michigan Av. Apple Store and it kicks. Very fast, remarkably smooth display. I’ll be attempting the Parallells/ArcGIS combination sometime this week if I can crawl out from the hole I’m in.

And finally: 9.2’s Batch… does work, but it takes about a day to run a very simple process on ~250 files. Not. Cool. I have a ticket in for ESRI about it, but I think the problem is that when you give the input table your list of files to be processed and corresponding list of output paths, it runs a very, very, very, very long check on whether those inputs are valid. I’d rather they be invalid and the process to choke than sit around waiting for this verification. It’s grueling. If anybody knows more about this, I would love to know.


Well, It’s Here (9.2)

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I guess this is better…

Anyway, our 9.2 Desktop discs showed up yesterday (no server), but I haven’t had any time to lean on it, make it spit out cool new stuff. The Identify tool is better, the file database seems fast, ArcMap does indeed have an animation toolbar, but the personal SDE/SQLExpress combination bit it on the first attempt. It sets itself up during a wizard install, but I had to guess at the connection string (different from their instructions) and once I made the connection I got a license error. What might be worth it all is the Batch… option for model input. It’s not very option-rich, and it seems cumbersome to use (From ESRI?! On Windows?!) but it might work out just fine.

9.2 Goes Up


Map Your Thanksgiving Thanks to IU-Bloomington

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The good folks at Indiana University’s Geology Library have posted a series of maps that depict a number of Thanksgiving-related ag production variables, including cranberry, onion, pumpkin, and turkey production. Bring them to Thanksgiving dinner with you and it can go something like this:

Relative: So are you still doing GPS?

You: GIS

Relative: Oh that’s not the satellite…thing?

You: No, that’s Global Positioning. G.P. I do GIS, Geographic Information Systems.

Relative: [head tilts slightly to the side, eyes go glossy]

You: [unfurling IU’s Thanksgiving poster with stony, blank face] Uh, I make maps.


3007 Unread Articles

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Yikes. It’s really come to this:

Ordinarily I can knock off scanning and reading my RSS articles by midnight or so. The last few days, however, represent the tail end of a couple of weeks that were mad. And so it was that earlier today, as I sat with a future viticulturalist watching that pompous, presumptuous Excel “fix” her mean temperature values and lat/long pairs, my unread RSS article count climbed up over 3000. I was behind in a grand fashion.

Well, first of all let me come clean: I don’t read non-RSS news, blogs, or websites. Not even my wife’s, which I’m relieved to say does have a feed available. Why? Because everything except RSS is a waste of my time, that’s why. I spend plenty of time online, and I most certainly don’t need to see that generic “old classmate” with the curled-under bob and comically-oversized eyeglasses every again. It doesn’t help my work. I need to see information. So it’s RSS or the skunk-eye, and that might mean I have too many feeds coming in. It’s only 255 (that doesn’t seem like too many to me), but apparently they generate a decent amount of traffic.

But 3007 unread messages? The reasons include many email and office visits with grad students whose class I visited over a week ago; my first ever trip to Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University; a long time slogging through mostly-undocumented EPA emissions data (maybe the closure of all those libraries caused this?); and the fact that I’m flooded with excellent, engaging, even fascinating GIS/Library work, some of which will show up in this blog sometime soon. Good reasons, but it will make a chump unable to even scan the 3007 RSS articles that pile up while he works morning to night.

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