Me to Myself: “Welcome to Purdue.”

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Today was my first day as the GIS Librarian at Purdue University and I’m thrilled to have finally begun. The lab machines aren’t here yet (one is, but there are still some map cabinets in the way of where we’ll place it: a debatably apt allegory, I suppose), but I’ve got plenty to do even in advance of setting up the lab machines.Those of you who said you were interested in the mechanics of a library-based lab may find this interesting: Purdue makes ArcGIS available via a Citrix server, so the software runs on a server and gets "piped" (via tubes, like Senator Stevens said) to your machine via the use of client software. It works…alright. On my pimped-out XP box, on campus, it worked very well, but with noticeable lag. On my PowerBook G4 it worked almost as well via campus wireless but to be honest it would drive me crazy over time. I’m guessing Parallels is better, and BootCamp almost certainly is. (There was no noticeable difference over VPN from home, and that was on the PowerBook connected wirelessly to home network on a cable line).


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