The Orthophotos Here…

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Uh, the GIS in West Lafayette is better than in South Texas already, and I’m not even in Indiana yet. Jane Frankenberger, (Associate Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering) and Larry Theller, (GIS Specialist at Purdue’s Center for Advanced Applications in GIS) wrote today to the PurdueGIS ListServ about an excellent set of digital orthophotos (aerial photos) taken in 2005, in color, at a rather remarkable resolution. Agencies in South Texas also have datasets like this but they’re all a little tight-fisted about them. Border Patrol, county appraisal districts, local police, and pretty much everybody else tends to not want to grant open access to datasets like this, neither to the public nor each other.

Purdue Libraries may try to do something with these photos in the future, but for now you can download them from IU’s gis data page, view them from within an ArcIMS-run public site, or load them into ArcMap via the ArcIMS service also at Indiana University.


sample DOQ
(that happens to show the house we’re trying to buy in West Lafayette and also happens to not even be at full resolution)


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  1. when in rome dude

    Comment by relax247 — 2006.December.31 @ 6:24 am

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