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Meetro was released for Mac today. I’m a little curious about it, but it appears that the ‘geo’ part of it being geo-enabled is limited to what the user reports as their location. A more revolutionary feature would be if it constantly updates the location of the person based on a wireless triangulation or a GPSr or…something. Mostly I don’t care now because my only friend is my wife and I know where she is most of the time. I can see how it might affect collaborating students across campus, of course, but let me think aloud about how this could be used in-library:

There’s chat in libraries already, usually centered around reference service. Proximity between the librarian and the patron probably doesn’t matter much. Possibly the reference librarian could use the location of the patron to direct them to the nearest resources, but if that was terribly necessary the location of the patron could just as easily be discerned by a question (I don’t know, maybe “where are you on campus?”). No? I suppose a patron — given the choice — could choose a reference librarian who happens to be closer, but…eh. There are certainly exciting things that can be done with location in a library (or throughout a library system), especially with RFID-tagged materials and live tracking, but my guess is Meetro ain’t one of them.



  1. It does do Wifi trilateration. Their database for that is constantly growing, you probably appeared somewhere they didn’t have mapped out. Next time you login it learns etc etc.

    Comment by Dan — 2006.June.16 @ 5:42 am

  2. Dan, thanks. I realize now that I wasn’t very clear about something: I haven’t even tried Meetro yet. I got the impression from the faq alone that the user had to provide their own location values. It’s good to be wrong.

    Comment by geoLibro — 2006.June.16 @ 12:31 pm

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